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We Provide Products + Services for Real Estate Development Projects In Bali, Indonesia


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    We offer a myriad of services for the Real Estate industry.
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Starting a new project can be a daunting task if you don’t know where to start. We understand you may have many questions before you decide what you should do next. We have an easy solution for you!
PT NSG offers free consultations with no commitment or obligation. Our process is completed in Three simple steps.
Once we have all the information pertaining to your project, we are able to provide a proposal for services.

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All Services

When do you Development Service? 

Our Development Service is geared towards all those who wish to invest in Real Estate, but have limited time, experience, or capacity.  As the Developer, PT NSG will oversee the entirety of the project from its inception.  Our job is to ensure the property’s highest and best use is realized with the maximum returns and lowest risk.  PT NSG Specializes in the Development of Multi-Unit Developments for residential and Commercial use. 

Choose this service when you require an end-to-end solution for every aspect of your Real Estate Development Project. 

Advantages of our Design + Build Service 

  • A Single Entity is responsible for communications and coordination with all parties involved in the project from the beginning to the end
  • Decades of Visionary experience 
  • Local Knowledge and Network 
  • Tried and Proven Systems 
  • Reduced risk 
  • Priority Access to all PT NSG services 

Learn more about our Development Services Here. 

When do you need Full Service Design + Build? 

Our Full Service Design + Build is ideal for clients who desire a single entity responsible for all the Design + Build of a project. Full Service Design + Build is the quickest means to starting and completing your Project. 

Choose this service for an end-to end Design + Build solution. 

Advantages of our Design + Build Service 

  • One Team under one roof all working together from the beginning to the end ensures congruency and efficiency
  • Value Engineering input from the Build team is automatically provided during the Design Phase
  • Streamlined process with single entity allows for the quickest results 
    Once point of entry and communications 
  • RFP for multiple consultants is not required, bypassing months of the bidding process
  • Provides maximum flexibility in alterations and selections
  • Cost savings though efficiency and layered consultant fees removed

Learn more about our Design + Build Services Here. 

When do you need a Planning Service? 

Our Planning Service is suited for clients who need help detailing the project's  potential, options and scope of work. The Planning Service is great for clients wishing to develop a Project Concept before entering into a Full Design + Build contract. 

Choose this service when you only require concept and preliminary Design work. 

Advantages of using our Planning Service 

  • Provides a low barrier of entry to understanding a project potential and limitations
  • Allows for the detail of project to be clarified and shared with all interested parties 
  • The information can be used to deliver a clear RFP/Scope Of Work to the Design team
  • Preliminary costing and schedules can be realized at the earliest stages of a project
  • Provides a Basis point of reference for all future Project works 
  • Ensures the project is stared with the best possible Strategy and potential results
  • Information can be used for building an Executive Summary 

Learn more about our Planning Service Here

When do you need a Design Service? 

Our Design Service is for clients wishing to receive all Architecture, Interior Design and Engineering for a Commercial and Residential project in Bali, Indonesia.  When our clients plan to use a separate entity for the building phase, or desire to fully separate the phases of Design + Build, the Design Service is a prefect fit. 

Choose this service when you require a Full Design for your project. 

Advantages of using our Design Service 

  • Multidisciplinary firm with all Design aspects synchronized together within one company
  • Experienced in modern technologies and process to ensure consistency and professional outcomes 
  • Seamless handover to our Build Team should the client desire 
  • Well versed in traditional and modern styles of Design 
  • Providing excellence in service and communication are essential core values 
  • Value Engineer expertise provided in real time by in house Construction professionals 

Learn more about Design Services Here. 

When do you need an Interior Design Service? 

This service is for clients in need of Interior Design for Commercial and Residential projects in Bali, Indonesia.  All. elements are specified with all documentation produced. Choose this service when the only focus of your project is for Interiors. 

Advantages of using our Interior Design Service 

  • Multidisciplinary firm with all Design aspects synchronized together within one company
  • Experienced in modern technologies and process to ensure consistency and professional outcomes 
  • Seamless handover to our Build Team should the client desire 
  • Well versed in traditional and modern styles of Design 
  • Providing excellence in service and communication are essential core values 
  • Management for production or all Fit-Out and Furnishing is provided

Learn more about Interior Design Services Here. 

When do you need a Contractor Service? 

Our Contractor Service is provided to clients seeking RFP, with Tender Documents or Direct Appointment with completed Construction Documents. 

Choose this service when you desire Construction, but have no need of  Management or Design services.

Advantages of using our Contractor Service 

  • We carry all legal licensing required for all the construction and building for all projects types in Indonesia
  • We provide full warranty for all construction of new buildings and structures
  • We provide insurance and coverage for all projects 
  • We work with the best trade specialist providing exceptional quality 
  • We provide clear transparent pricing and specifications

Learn more about Contractor Services Here. 

When do you need a Management?

We offer Construction Management (CM) and Project Management (PM).

Choose our Project Management Service when you wish to work with multiple consultants, with one central command. We take the Lead Role overseeing all works, from all consultants through all aspects of the Design and Building stages of a project. 

Choose our Construction Management Service when your require high level oversight for the construction works during the building stage of your project.

Advantages of Using A Management Service 

  • Using a Manager allows you ability to select a varied consultant team and spread risk across different entities
  • The Manager works entirely for the client and is a personal advocate for all operations and delivery from all consultants
  • The Manager will provide a single point of control and direction for multiple project participants and parties

Learn more about our Management Service Here. 

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    Select Service
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    Define Project
  • 03
    Deliver Proposal
Start by reviewing our Services to best determine what meets your needs. If you and unsure which service you should select, the PT NSG Team is available to discuss these services with you in more detail at your convenience.

Once we all agree on the best service option for pursuing your project, we can proceed to the Project Brief and Proposal stage. 
Provide RFP, Tender Documentation or meet with our Team to create a clear Project Brief to be used for creating a proposal.

We are only able to provide our proposal once we have clear and defined project information. If no RFP, Tender Documents or Direct appointment is provided, we must start with outlining the general parameters of the project. This can all be done with our Consultation Form below.

We are ready to meet with you and go over in person, on the phone or if you like, you can review the Details Section for a more clear description of all the items presented in the Consultation Form.

To Receive a Proposal for Services, we will need at a minimum

PT NSG will review all project information and the Project Brief and then complete a Proposal with costing, schedule and inclusions.

Once a proposal is complete, we will meet in person to go over the specifics and answer any questions you may have.

Once the Proposal is signed and accepted, we will issue a invoice and when paid, the Client Onboarding Process will begin immediately.
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