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We Provide Design + Build Services For Commercial + Residential Projects In Indonesia 

Design + Build Division

01. Full Service Design + Build
02. Planning
03. Design
04. Construction

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PT NSG offers a Full-Service Design + Build Solution for Commercial and Residential Projects in Indonesia.  As a multidisciplinary Design + Build firm,  we offer an integrated delivery of PlanningArchitecture, Interior Design, Engineering, and Construction. We are also able to offer these services individually as needed. Learn more about these services by navigating to the page of interest. 

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About Our Full Service Design + Build





Full Service Design + Build is a method to deliver a project in which the Planning, Design and Construction services are contracted by a single entity.  The method allows for early start on the initial stages of construction, as a single entity is involved in the process from the start. Decisions are streamlined and opportunities for continued value-engineering are realized. 

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Our Fully Integrated Design + Build Service

This service deliveries the entirety of our Planning, Design and Construction Departments. By including the Construction and Management team early on in the Planning and Design process, we are able to maximize efficiencies, as well as provide enhanced value engineering, resulting in time and cost savings. If you are looking for a single solution for your whole project, beginning to end, this is the service for you. 

  • Programing
  • Due Diligence
  • Concept Planning 
  • Architecture
  • Interior Design 
  • Engineering 

Typically, all three departments  of the design team work through Schematic Design, Design Development and Documentation in synch with each other.  

  • General Contracting 
  • Building Construction 
  • Site Construction 
  • Specialty Construction 
  • MEP Construction 
  • Fit Out 
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Our Full Service Design + Build Process

  • 01
  • 02
  • 03
  • 04
  • 05
Our Onboarding process is where we begin together. We will review the overall goals and needs of your project. We also will answer questions and and go over your specific needs.

Next, we will estimate the project scope based on documents provided such as RFP, existing plans, concepts and discussion. Once we have an understanding as to the scope of the project, we can create a ROM (ROUGH ORDER OF MAGNITUDE). This is a term for an estimated value of all the work to be done.

With the ROM, we are able to set a basis for costing, which will be used in our Proposal. Once the Proposal is approved, we can move to the next stage of your project. Planning.


01. General Project Scope
02. ROM
03. Estimated timeline for all future deliveries
04. Proposal
Our Planning Process works through 3 stages.

First we start with Programming. During this stage we aim to collect general information, understand the scope of work, project vision and finally the property potential and limitations.

The next stage is our Due Diligence stage. Here, we gather hard facts such as surveys, reports and acquire additional site information we need to produce a concept plan.

Our Final stage in the Planning Process is delivery of our the Concept Detail. This allows for the vision to come to paper so to speak. Presentation are prepared and given showing the property potential combined with the Vision for the Project.


The Design Phase begins where the Planning phase ends. With a clear vision of the project goals, needs, expectations and standards, we are able to put the ideas to work. Just as in the Planning Phase, the Design Phase also moves through different stages. We have 3 stages for the Design.


01. Schematic Design
02. Design Development
03. Documentation

Typically, the Architecture and Interior Design and to some extent the Engineering all pass through these same 3 stages with overlapping responsibilities throughout the process.
Once of the great benefits of a Design + Build approach is the ability to work in synch with all internal teams as the project progress. In a Design + Bid + Build Project, the entirety of the Design, Construction Documentation and Bidding Process must be complete before a project can start. This is not the case with a Design + Build Method.

We are able to start construction and move through the initial stages of the site work, foundation and structure as the Design Team completes documentation for the finish stages. As our whole team is working in synch, we always know the progress and schedule of work needed for the next steps of building. Being able to start construction many months earlier than would be allowed in other construction methods, is a huge benefit for all involved.

As the Design Team is closing in on the finish for all final Documentation, the Construction Team is wrapping up the final stages of structural work ready to receive the next Phase of Building.


A typical new Build-Out would follow this sequence.
01. Site Work
02. Foundation and Structure (Enclosed)
03. Rough In for MEP
04. Finishes
05. Finish work for MEP
06. Hand Over
The Final aspect of the Design + Build process is the Handover. This is when all project documentation such as AS BUILTS, Warranties and Service Information is provided. The PM will also ensure the contracts are all closed, final payments received and completion notices delivered.


01. All Warranties and Service Documents 
02. Notice of Completion 
03. Contract Close-Out
05. As Built and Other Construction Documents 
[ Design + Build ]

Full Service Design + Build Advantage

This method allows for a single point of responsibility and contact from the beginning to the end of the project. With one team  engaged together throughout the entire process, high levels of communications are standard. Exchange of information is precise and rapid.

The Construction is often able to start months ahead of a Design + Bid + Build method as the team is aware of what is ready and when to expect the next critical delivery of project documentation. This  Method saves time, money and delivers higher quality and value over all.  

Full Service Design + Build

Planning | Design | Construction


Save Time

When you choose to use the Full Service Design + Build Method, you can bypass all waiting for planning, architecture and design phases to be 100% complete. With all the preliminary construction already done simultaneously as the Design Team creates the Finish Schedules and details, our clients can start many months sooner compared to a typical Design + Bid + Build process.

Save Money

When using the Design + Build method, we can absorb the design cost and pass on the savings to the user. When choosing this method, you are in essence getting design and architecture for free.

Reduce Risk

Contractor is responsible for all work on the project This reduce the delivery schedule by overlapping the design phase and construction phase of a project. Risks is minimized for the project owner by ensuring direct communications and workflow under one roof.

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Markets We Serve

01. Resort
02. Hotel
03. Store front
04. Office
05. Warehouse
06. Facilities
07. Restaurant
08. Mixed use

Architecture & Design Services for Commercial

01. Villa
02. Home
03. Multi Unit Development
04. Low-Rise Apartment
05. Condo

Architecture & Design Services for Residential
[ Design + Build ]

Summary Of Departments


Full Service Design + Build

A method to deliver a project in which the planning, design and construction services are contracted by a single entity. This is in contrast to a design-bid-build method,



The planning stage can be stated as a reverse engineering of the desired outcomes.”
Concepts, information, strategy, financials to name a few, all play a crucial role for the success of all things to come.
The Design stage is best described as “When the ideas start to come to life.”
Basic ideas are sketched and developed into plans and full documentation for all additional phases of the processes ahead.
When we are ready to bring the the project into the real world “We hit the ground running full speed ahead.”
All the desired outcomes from previous efforts are brought to fruition as the project takes form. 
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[ Design + Build ]

Start A Project

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We make it easy with these THREE STEPS. 

1. Tell Us About Your Project

Provide us any information you have for the needs of your project. Our Team will review and prepare for further discussion. As soon as you contact us, we can get started

2. We Discuss Your Needs

Lets Talk! We can meet at our office or come to your site to review the property and discuss the project potentials and limitations. We will also provide answers to your questions and determine what other information is needed to proceed.

3. We Start The Project

After a preliminary review of the project, we will provide a client onboarding to detail the full the project scope. Once this is completed, will finalize the pricing, delivery dates and mutual expectations. We can then sign contracts and the Design + Build process can start right away!

Design and Build

Full Service Design + Build | Planning | Design | Construction

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