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PT. NSG Multidisciplinary Design + Build Firm

We Provide Products + Services for Commercial + Residential Projects In Indonesia


01. Real Estate
02. Design + Build
03. Product Lines

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Multidisciplinary Design + Build Firm Overview

PT NSG is a multidisciplinary Design + Build firm offering products and services for the Commercial and Residential Real Estate Industry.  Our company consists of three divisions, each with a central focus. While the services of these divisions are offered individually, the entirety of our company can be unified to deliver an End To End Real Estate Development Solution. 

Starting from the Real Estate Acquisitions stage, on to Design + Build and all the way through to our PT NSG Branded FIT -OUT Products Lines,  We are fully integrated and are able to help you realize every aspect of your project. Contact Us Now to discuss your needs. 

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Villa Investment Solutions

All Inclusive Villas
We Take Care of Everything
Multiple Selections
Customize Your Options
Save Time Cost and Energy
Villa Investment Solutions are Build Ready

We know the uncertainties of cost, quality and time can worry people considering a new Investment in Bali. To solve this problem, we offer our Villa Investment Solutions. 

We provide Turnkey Villa Packages, Customizable Options, and Off-Plan Developments There is no quicker or easier way to get started with a  Luxury Villa In Bali. 

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The PT NSG Advantage

  • PT NSG is an Indonesian-owned and Western managed company, which allows for the realization of Local Expertise with International Standards
  • PT NSG does not outsource AEC (Architecture Engineering Construction), which allows for full control of process
  • Our Design + Build team applies Modern Technologies in all phases of the process to increase efficiency and effectiveness
  • PT NSG provides fully dedicated management and support staff for all projects we take on
  • PT NSG has established working relations with suppliers, consultants and service providers for all needs related to our projects 
  • Our work is guaranteed with a warranty provided for all new buildings we construct



First and foremost we are committed to delivering the highest level of service, quality and value. We look beyond the moment and see the bigger picture.

This means we know satisfied clients pave the way for our continued success


We believe clarity of mutual deliverables and expectations allow for a smooth process. We have no hidden fees as every cost is fully detailed line by line.

We take the time to explain contracts, plans, schedules and strategies to ensure a complete understanding and agreement is realized by all parties.

Multi disciplined

We offer a full range of Design + Build services under one roof which allows us to connect critical information with the highest level of communication.

PT NSG provides a single point of entry for our clients, with our team internally coordinating important task from the beginning to the end of each project. This ensures all aspects of your project are delivered with excellence.

[ How We Can Serve Your Needs ]

Vertically Integrated Development

  • 01
    Acquisition + Analysis
  • 02
    Planning + Design Services
  • 03
    Contracting + Construction
  • 04
    Products Lines + Fit Out
  • 05
    Management + Handover
NSG seeks high-quality real estate, with a focus on value-add opportunities. We pursue investments through direct acquisition and joint venture opportunities. During this phase we will perform due diligence and identify the general concept for buildable area, volumes, styles and quantity. We use this information to produce an economic business model detailing the scope of project and potential ROI.
The first step for planning and design typically necessitates the procurement of surveys and soils test. With this information we are able to produce site plans, development plans and building plans. We follow these steps by seeking the community and governing approvals required. We are able to continue with a full breakdown for the horizontal and vertical construction cost. Schedules for cash flow, and timelines are then created.

Value engineering is used thru out the entire process to identify and eliminate unwanted costs, while improving function and quality. The use of specific materials, construction methods, logistics issues and design implementation are all considered to ensure the delivery of a financially feasible project.
The construction begins with all site work such as earthwork, utilities, roads, access points and preliminaries. The vertical construction phase realizes foundation, structures, MEP and finishes. Our inhouse team of Project and Construction Managers oversee the daily activities on location.
Our Product Lines Division supports all of our projects with the provisioning of Branded goods and materials suited for Commercial + Residential Real Estate Developments. We are able to pull from our own inventory of materials, pre-engineered Floor Plans, Finish Style Catalogs and Furnishing Collections. This internal process removes uncertainty and risk to our projects, while providing savings in cost and time to our clients.
Our Project Management Team takes and active role early on in the project to ensure all important information is received, reviewed and relayed in smooth fashion. By including the management team in the early phases, our projects are able to maximize value engineering, improve coordination and hit all project targets with the highest success.

Once a project comes to close to completion, the Project Management Team are responsible for closing out all contracts, collecting all project details for warranties, as built drawings and ensuring all payments are made. This last step closes the End To End loop for Vertically Integrated Development.
[ How we work ]

Reverse Engineer Desired Outcomes

As Multidisciplinary Design + Build firm we start with the end in mind. WIth a clear vision of what we aim to deliver, our objectives, process and purpose is realized. 

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Summary of Divisions

Real Estate

PT NSG  provides services for our clients at each juncture of the Real Estate Development process.

We can start assisting during the pre-purchase phase, continue with soft development and finally provide management for ongoing operations.

Design + Build

The Design + Build  Division allows for an End To End process as well as selective services based on our clients  needs. 

As a multidisciplinary firm, we connect ideas, teams and clients under one umbrella to ensure excellence is realized. 

Product Lines

Our Product Lines Division provides closure to our End To End Service format. 

We provide for Fit-Out, and also fully Build Ready structures for your Development and Construction needs. 

PT NSG is a single point of entry for all things Real Estate Industry Related. 

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Start A Project


We make starting a project easy with these 3 Steps. 

1. Define The Project

We need to learn about your project. What are the existing conditions? What documentation is already complete? What are your goals? We will discuss all these items with you during our Free Consultation. With the information acquired from our consultation, we will be able to create a project summary.

2. Define Your Needs

With the project summary complete we can move to the next step, preparation of your proposal for the scope of services needed to realize the vision of the project. The proposal will outline the professional services to be provided, the total cost for our services and a schedule for all deliverables.

3. Deliver The Project

Once the proposal is accepted we can schedule the project and begin working right away. The sooner you contact us, the sooner we can start. To begin, Contact Us Now for your Free Consultation.

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