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PT NSG is a multidisciplinary Design + Build firm offering products and services for the Real Estate Industry. Our basic philosophy is to start with the end in mind and reverse engineer the desired outcomes. Thinking beyond traditional limiting factors allows us to provide Value-Add solutions with effective results in record time. 

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Four Essential Components

1 | Process

We utilize a clear, proven and refined system that allows attention to be placed on the process. When we focus on the process, the results take care of themselves.

2 | Professionalism

We pride our company on the ability to merge the best of East and West. With technical know how derived from the West the practice of ancient ways and traditions from the East, the results are a optimized.

3 | Experience

We are well versed in all aspects of Real Estate Development. This exposure to the multiple facets of our industry allow a birds eye view like no other. With experience and ability in a myriad of professions, we are able to see the beginning middle and end. This allows for the ultimate in Solution Realization.

4 | Solutions

We take great pleasure in the challenge and growth opportunities which derive from solving problems. We adapt interesting and unique solutions to solve the problems we encounter large and small. We generally perceive difficult situations as opportunities to apply solutions, not problems at all!

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Our Philosophy

We believe in a central belief of adding value. True value comes from solving problems. Solving Problems effectively requires a deep imagination, the ability to think beyond what others think is possible. To Imagine is to begin the journey on your own terms, a path chosen.


Creation is stepping out on the journey. Through the adventure, new paths are revealed. New paths lead to more interesting realizations and rewards. The reward is not just the creation, but the ability to create in itself.


To realize is to see proof of concepts come to life. The satisfaction in realizing the fruition of your efforts is unapparelled. While primary focus is placed on process, to realize results reinforce truth in purpose and action.

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+62 361 4771553


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