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We Provide Products + Services for Real Estate Development Projects In Bali, Indonesia

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01. Development
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PT NSG provides a complete range of Real Estate services to ensure an end-to-end Development and Investment Solution.  

We assist in all aspects of the process adding value at every stage. Drawing on each division within our company, our Vertically Integrated approach allows for a “One Stop Shop” for everything required to realize your Real Estate Dream in Bali, Indonesia. 


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Our Real Estate Solutions


PT NSG delivers everything. needed to establish, operate and deliver your Real Estate vision.  Our Development Service provides for the beginning, middle, and end of the Real Estate Development Cycle. See our Opportunities to learn more about turnkey and ready-to-obtain Properties. To round out our Real Estate Division, we offer a free, in-depth library of FAQ, Tools, and resources needed to expand your Knowledge of Real Estate Development and Investment in Bali, Indonesia. 

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Our Real Estate Departments

Each Department is comprised of specific sections aimed at providing a focused delivery of service. You can navigate to each section below as desired. 

  • New Construction Projects
  • Off Plan Projects
  • Land


  • Articles
  • Tools 
  • Service Partners 


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Our Real Estate Process

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  • 05

Jumping in to a new market can be challenging even for an experienced Real Estate Professional. We know the struggle to understand a new process, language and culture can all lead to uncertainty and discomfort.

For this reason, we offer many different learning tools and resources for our clients to gain education and confidence in the Real Estate industry of Bali, Indonesia.

Check out our Knowledge department for many articles, tools and general information needed to get started on your Real Estate Development Journey now.

PT NSG provides. a suite of comprehensive Real Estate services to launch your new project. Our Service Delivery is offered in three main sections, ACQUISITION, ANALYSIS, and PLANNING.

The Acquisitions Process is where we “Find it, Learn it, and Start it”. The Analysis Process is where we learn “What has been done, What can be done, What should be done,”. The Program Phase is when we compile all information acquired through the first two processes so we are able to “Outline the plan to, Deliver The Vision”.

Learn More about Pre-Development Here

The Vertical Development Stage delivers the entirety of all Design, Building, and Management services through a project’s completion. By including the Building and Management teams early on in the Planning and Design process, we are able to maximize efficiencies, as well as provide enhanced value engineering, resulting in time and cost savings.

Learn More about Vertical Development Here
Occupy + Opperate

The Final Stage of Development. We set up all Marketing + Sales efforts to take place and ensure progress is realized. We work with our team of legal experts to allow for all documentation to be drafted and executed. Our vetted team of Property Managers will take on all lease and rental duties to allow for long-term strategies to play out as expected. With the cycle complete, it is time to repeat the success and start a new project!

Learn More about Vertical Development Here

Looking for an easy entry turnkey Investment Opportunity? Want to skip the whole Development Stage? Our Opportunities Department showcases our current and upcoming development projects during pre and post development.

Here we offer New Construction Projects where clients can get in early for best price and selection. We also have off plan projects to invest in at the early stage, which allows for customization and discounted savings.

Are you looking for other investment opportunities? We also interact with a multitude of Land owners and investors looking to connect for development. Pocket listings and other Investment opportunities are continually added.
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The Vertically Integrated Real Estate Advantage

Working with PT NSG as a single point of responsibility and contact from the beginning to the end allows for one team to engage together throughout the entire process. This results in high levels of communication and rapid exchange of precise information.

The project is often able to start months ahead of a standard timeline, as the Design + Build team is aware of what is needed and when to expect the next critical delivery of project documentation. This Method saves time, and money and delivers higher quality and value overall.  




Save Time

When you choose to use PT NSG Real Estate Services, the project begins from the first day of acquisition. The full team is brought in from the start and all facets of the project evolve together within one entity. There is no wasted time from miscommunications or waiting for the delivery of information or response.

Save Money

When starting a project from the beginning with PT NSG, we are able to offer package deal discounts as a result of the efficacies and effectiveness of the Vertically Integrated Development Process.

Reduce Risk

From the start, PT NSG is responsible for all work on the project Risks are minimized for the project by ensuring direct communications and workflow under one roof.

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Markets We Serve

01. Resort
02. Hotel
03. Store front
04. Office
05. Warehouse
06. Facilities
07. Restaurant
08. Mixed use

Architecture & Design Services for Commercial

01. Villa
02. Home
03. Multi Unit Development
04. Low-Rise Apartment
05. Condo

Architecture & Design Services for Residential
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Summary Of Departments

  • Pre-Development
  • Vertical Development
  • Occupy + Operate 
  • New Construction Projects 
  • Off Plan Projects 
  • Land 
  • Articles 
  • FAQ
  • Tools
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Start A Project

Start your Bali Real Estate Journey now!


We make starting a project easy with these 3 Steps. 

1. Define The Project

We need to learn about your project. What are the existing conditions? What documentation is already complete? What are your goals? We will discuss all these items with you during our Free Consultation. With the information acquired from our consultation, we will be able to create a project summary.

2. Define Your Needs

With the project summary complete we can move to the next step, preparation of your proposal for the scope of services needed to realize the vision of the project. The proposal will outline the professional services to be provided, the total cost for our services and a schedule for all deliverables.

3. Deliver The Project

Once the proposal is accepted we can schedule the project and begin working right away. The sooner you contact us, the sooner we can start. To begin, Contact Us Now for your Free Consultation.


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