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01. Process
02. Details
03. Form

  • 01. Information Intake

    Client Onboarding
  • 2. Project Brief

    Detail The Project
  • 3. Initiate Proposal

    The Project takes form
[ Client Onboarding ]


Starting with the end in mind is standard practice for PT NSG. To accomplish this feat, we seek to first understand the needs and desires of our clients in their entirety.  We accomplish this through the use of our Client Onboarding process. 

By establishing the full parameters of the project with a clearly detailed Project Scope and then a Brief, we are certain to pave the way for a smooth process. 

The Client Onboarding process allows all parties to discuss in detail the expectations and delivery required to realize a successful project. 

With all information clearly established, we all have a reference basis for all future works to come. 

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[ 01. Onboarding ]


  • 01
    Information Intake
  • 02
    Project Brief
  • 03
    Initiate Project
Our first step is to complete a Full Client Onboarding.

To kick off this stage, we will review the details provided for the Proposal Delivered and further develop the parameters of the project in full for all future works.

During this period, our team will provide feedback, cost assumptions and estimated timelines for consideration.

Once all parties are clear and decided on the direction of the project, our team will move to the next step, Creation of the Project Brief.
PT NSG utilizes all project information collected to create a Project Brief.

The Project Brief will include reference to all RFP, Tender Documents or. Direct Appointment Documentation provided as well as all data collected during our Client Onboarding process.

The Project Brief is concept summary and reference document for all future works to come. This document will establish a basis for scopes of work for all Design + Build works to follow.

Starting with a Project Brief ensures there is a clear mutual understanding of expectations from The Client and a clear set of Delivery from PT NSG.
The Project can can begin once the Project Brief is complete.

At this stage, we will all have a working understanding of expectations for the Project. Team members involved, services to be provided, budget, timeline and deliverables should all be clear.

Congratulations, the Project Has Begun!
[ 02. Onboarding ]


The Client Onboarding is provided in 6 main sections. This Details summary gives insight into the sections and the information we seek to collect. The PT NSG team will be happy to go over each section in as much detail as needed to ensure there is a full understanding of the information needed. 

General Project Information is needed to ensure the highest level of understanding and communication is possible

General Project Information

Generalities of the project such as budget, desired start date, project limitations and options and other parties involved.

Project Essentials

Documents and designs already completed so we can best determine what else will be required.


Information for project programming such as Level of quality desired, design style, room counts, total units, spatial capacities needed, levels and aux structures, views and location considerations.

General Design Information

Project considerations for what rooms are desired, what items you would like for the grounds and the heavy Mechanical Electric and Plumbing items you desire.

The Spaces

Interior and Exterior structural and finish materials, MEP specifications desired, pool, hardscape, softscape, gates and all other elements.

Materials and Specifications
[ 03. Onboarding ]



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