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[ Alam Pecatu ]

Project Overview

A new chic investment opportunity offered by PT NSG, The Alam Pacatu project delivers Luxury Villas in a natural setting.  The region of Pecatu is centrally located on the Bukit of Bali, close to a wide range of amenities, activities and beauty. The Villas for this project feature large wide open living spaces, multiple entertainment areas and large private gardens. 

The Finishes for each Villa feature a Tropical Lush Theme with no detail overlooked. Each Villa is delivered 100% Turnkey with everything needed to operate as a rental investment or home for your Large Family. 

This development is perfect for those seeking to carter to large groups demanding the highest standard in quality and location.  With a fantastic location, international standard design and construction and high ROI potential, The Alam Pacatu development is sure to please the most discerning buyer. 

[ Alam Pecatu ]


  • 100% Turnkey
  • Luxury Standard
  • Three Villas Available
  • Private Single Access Entry
  • High Quality Construction
  • Great ROI Potential
  • Freehold Ownership
  • Underground Utilities
  • Natural Surroundings
  • Beaches Nearby
  • Proximity to Great Food
  • Close to Activities
$ 1 k
Starting At
[ Alam Pecatu ]

Project Specs

[ Alam Pecatu ]

The Villa Model

Alam Pecatu Villas
About The Villas

The Alam Pecatu development consist of three Luxury Villas.  The Luxury Villas feature an open floor plan with connected living and cooking area.  Open outdoor spaces for swimming and relaxing, multiple entertainment areas, ample storage, and secure parking are all standard. 

The Finish selection for the Villas features the Tropical Lush Inclusion Package. This Hip Design Style with Themed with Modern components and embellishments blends modern convivences with traditional Indonesia Design Features. 

For the Furnishing Fit Out, we offer The Samudra Biru Ensemble, which pairs perfectly with this theme.  All spaces are fully furnished with high quality craftsmanship and detail.  The Villa comes complete with Appliances, Interior and Exterior Furnishings as well as Perimeter Walls and Gates, 

The Villas are 100% Turnkey with everything needed use as desired. There is no quicker or easier way to get started with a Your Dream Luxury Villa In Bali.
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[ Alam Pecatu ]

About The Location

Pecatu, located in the much-desired region of The Bukit, is still removed from the hustle and bustle of the main streets, but still very close to all the amenities you like. This 30 Are project consisting of three parcels, is in close proximity to beautiful world famous surfing beaches, nightlife, outdoor activities, essential services and fine dining. This is truly a location to enjoy the best Bali can offer.

[ Alam Pecatu ]


  1. Bali Zoo
  2. Bali Water Park 
  3. New Kuta Golf Course 
  4. Garuda Wisnu Kencana Cultural Park
  5. Uluwatu Temple
  1. Dreamland 
  2. Balangan
  3. Uluwatu
  4. Padang Padang
  5. Thomas Beach
  6. Nyang Nyang
  1. Airport 
  2. Sanur Harbor 
  3. Padang Bai Harbor 
  1. Hospital 
  2. Police 
  3. Immigration 
  1. Seminyak 
  2. Canggu
  3. Nusa Dua 
  4. Sanur 
  5. Ubud 
  6. Denpasar
  7. Jimboran
  8. Kuta Beach
[ Alam Pecatu ]

By The Numbers

$ 1 k
Starting At

Total Cost for Land + Villa 

1 %

Annual Rate of Return Based on 85% Occupancy 

Years for Payback

Full Return of All Investment 

[ Alam Pecatu ]

Villa Investment Process

  • 01
  • 02
  • 03
  • 04
  • 05
Our Documentation process allows for the terms and conditions to be fully detailed. The Contract for Purchase and Construction are finalized and presented for approval. All contracts are provided in both Bahasa Indonesia and English. Once all documents are approved, contracts are signed in the presence of a Notoris, who will complete the process with all legalities as per Indonesian Law.


01. Land Purchase Contract
02. Construction Contract
03. All Due Diligence Documentation
04. Schedule and Conditions
At this stage you are able to advise of any additional customization or changes you would like for your Villa. Once you have made your Villa Selections, we can complete the Building Permit Plans and Construction Documents to prepare for Construction of your Villa.


01. Building Permit Plans (PBG)
02. Construction Documents
03. Final Costing For an added Features Requested
04. Schedule and Conditions
With the the contracts signed, DP paid and the plans submitted for building permit (PBG), we can mobilize and prepare the preliminaries for the project. At the same time, we would also begin to order materials. Once preliminaries are complete, we would start the sitework and foundation.

The project is now fully underway as we roll from one phase of construction directly into the next. During the Construction Stage, we offer weekly progress reporting for client review. Quality Controls are always in place and meeting with our team onsite is encouraged.


A typical new Build-Out would follow this sequence.
01. Site Work
02. Foundation and Structure (Enclosed)
03. Rough In for MEP
04. Finishes
05. Finish work for MEP
06. Hand Over
We provide a clear payment process that offers security and assurance for all parties involved. Payments are made for progress milestones during the progress.


01. Initial DP 10%
02. Contracts Signed 30%
03. Foundation Complete 20%
04. Structure Complete 20%
05. Finishes Complete 10%
06. Final Walk Through and Hand Over 10%
The Final aspect of the process is the Handover. This is when all project documentation such as AS BUILTS, Warranties and Service Information is provided. The PM will also ensure the contracts are all closed, final payments received and completion notices delivered.


01. All Warranties and Service Documents 
02. Notice of Completion 
03. Contract Close-Out
05. As Built and Other Construction Documents 
[ Alam Pecatu ]

The Benefits Of Alam Pecatu Villa Investment

  • 100% Turnkey

    We take care of Everything.
  • Build Ready

    Design + Documentation is done!
  • Max ROI

    Save Time, Cost and Effort!

Save Time

With our Alam Pecatu Development, you bypass all the standard planning, architecture and design phases and go straight to the building process. With all the design development already completed, you will save many months compared to a typical Design + Bid +Build process.

Save Money

By offering our utilizing our Pre-Designed Luxury Villa Models, we can absorb the design cost and pass on the savings to the user. When buying a Villa from PT NSG,, you are in essence getting design and architecture for free.

Reduce Risk

When you start with a PT NSG Villa, you will have nearly all the project information from the beginning. This will allow you to evaluate the project schedule, ROI and desired space uses in more detail from an early stage. This of course decreases risk and instills project confidence and success.

[ Alam Pecatu ]

Start Your Investment

Begin Here


Ready to get started now? We make it easy with these 3 STEPS. 

1. Tell Us About Your Needs

When would you like to start? Do you have special request? These are the basic questions we would need answered to get things moving.

2. We Provide Documentation

We will review your request and answer all your questions. Once all contracts are approved, we meet with a Notris to finalize all legalities.

3. We start the project

All Special considerations are implemented, schedules are provided and the construction for your new Luxury Villa is built to your specifications.

Alam Pecatu

Luxury Investment Opportunity. Contact Us Now To Learn More

[ Alam Pecatu ]


Yes. Minor modifications and alterations are possible. Please speak with our design team to see what, if any additional cost would be associated.

*Note Additional cost are typically applied once we have to relocate walls or add M2, 

  • Proposal (all services and inclusions to be provided) 
  • Contract (Detail of  all terms)
  • Bill of quantities (Detail of all Inclusions) 
  • Schedule (All work start to finish)
  • As Built Plans (Upon final payment and completion) 

We can get started right away! We can typically be mobilized and preparing the preliminaries in as soon as one month from our meeting.


There are factors beyond our control such as local holidays, client decision making periods, community and government interventions etc.. 


The process will typically take 10  months for construction once the project breaks ground.

We provide a full detail and schedule as part of the contract. 

  • Mobilization
  • Foundation
  • Structure
  • Waste System
  • Water Storage
  • Roofing
  • Rough and  Finish MEP
  • Paint and  Surface coats 
  • Wood and trim work 
  • Lighting Fixtures
  • Furnishing + Kitchen Appliances Package (When Option Selected) 
  • Toilets, Shower Fixtures, Sinks and  Fixtures
  • Hardware
  • Flooring
  • Air Conditioning Units
  • Pool
  • Site Clean Up
  • PBG Coordination 
  • Planning, Design and Architecture
  • Permitting Documents
  • Construction Documents
  • Project Management
  • Customizations
  • Addons 
  • Modifications 

We offer weekly progress reports  for our clients. All reports detail work done, upcoming and address any questions our client may have. Photos and real time events are documented and are provided until the completion of the project. 

In addition to weekly progress reports, Our team is available to meet on location to go over implantation and selections. We encourage our clients to be as involved as they wish. 

We make it easy! You can fill out the Start A Project Form below, Call or Email use and we will set up a Free Consolation right away. There is no faster, easier or less risk method to realize your Villa . 


PT. Nusantara Samudra Grup 

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