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We Provide Customized Turnkey Villa Solutions  for Commercial + Residential Projects in Indonesia 

Pecatu Land

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The Projects

[ 02. All Inclusive Villa ]

The Benefits of All Inclusive Villa

  • 100% Turnkey

    We take care of Everything.
  • Build Ready

    Design + Documentation is done!
  • Max ROI

    Save Time, Cost and Effort!

Save Time

With our All Inclusive Villa you bypass all the standard planning, architecture and design phases and go straight to the building process. With all the design development already completed, you will save many months compared to a typical design + Bid +Build process.

Save Money

By offering our Synchronized Product Lines, we can absorb the design cost and pass on the savings to the user. When buying a All Inclusive Villa Model, you are in essence getting design and architecture for free.

Reduce Risk

When you start with a All Inclusive Villa, you will have nearly all the project information from the beginning. This will allow you to evaluate the project schedule, ROI and desired space uses in more detail from an early stage. This of course decreases risk and instills project confidence and success.

[ 02. villa on demand ]

The Process For Villa On Demand

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Once you have made your initial Villa Selections, we review your land and collect the general project information needed to further define the project scope. At this point you are able to advise of any additional customization or changes you would like for your selection before we draft a proposal for your new Villa.
We will review all the information received and develop the proposal for Villa. We will present the detailed proposal for your consideration. Once the proposal is accepted, we can submit the drawings, along with any changes, for your building permits (PBG).
With the the contracts signed, DP paid and the plans submitted for building permit (PBG), we can mobilize and prepare the preliminaries for the project. This would include worker housing, toilets, water and electricity, storage and security. At the same time, we would also begin to order materials. Once preliminaries are complete, we would start the sitework and foundation. The project is now fully underway and we roll from one phase of construction directly into the next.
With the Construction complete, final inspections are made to ensure client satisfaction. We then prepare all final documents for the handover. This includes all warranties, plans in hard and digital copies and project completion agreements.
[ 04. villa on demand ]

The PT NSG Advantage

  • PT NSG is an Indonesian-owned and Western managed company, which allows for the realization of Local Expertise with International Standards.
  • PT NSG does not outsource AEC (Architecture Engineering Construction), which allows for full control of process
  • Our Design + Build team applies Modern Technologies in all phases of the process to increase efficiency and effectiveness.
  • PT NSG provides fully dedicated management and support staff for all projects we take on.
  • PT NSG has established working relations with suppliers, consultants and service providers for all things Project related
  • Our work is guaranteed with a warranty provided for all new buildings we construct



First and foremost we are committed to delivering the highest level of service, quality and value. We look beyond the moment and see the bigger picture.
This means we know satisfied clients pave the way for our ultimate successes realized.


We believe clarity of mutual deliverables and expectations allow for a smooth process. We have no hidden fees as every cost is fully detailed line by line.
We take the time to explain contracts, plans, schedules and strategies to ensure a complete understanding and agreement is realized by all parties.

Multi disciplined

We offer a full range of Design + Build services under one roof which allows us to connect critical information with the highest level of communication.
PT NSG provides a single point of entry for our clients, with our team internally coordinating important task from the beginning to the end of each project. This ensures all aspects of your project are delivered with excellence.

[ 05. villa on demand ]


Yes. Minor modifications and alterations are possible. Please speak with our design team to see what, if any additional cost would be associated.

*Note Additional cost are typically applied once we have to relocate walls or add M2, 

  • Proposal (all services and inclusions to be provided) 
  • Contract (Detail of  all terms)
  • Bill of quantities (Detail of all Inclusions) 
  • Schedule (All work start to finish)
  • As Built Plans (Upon final payment and completion) 

We can get started right away! We can typically be mobilized and preparing the preliminaries in as soon as one month from our initial property inspection.


There are factors beyond our control such as local holidays, client decision making periods, community and government interventions etc.. 

Additionally, the more complex the project, the longer the lead time needed.


Our Models will typically take between 6-19 months for construction once the project breaks ground.

We provide a full detail and schedule as part of the contract. 

  • Mobilization
  • Foundation
  • Structure
  • Waste System
  • Water Storage
  • Roofing
  • Rough and  Finish MEP
  • Paint and  Surface coats 
  • Wood and trim work 
  • Lighting Fixtures
  • Furnishing + Kitchen Appliances Package (When Option Selected) 
  • Toilets, Shower Fixtures, Sinks and  Fixtures
  • Hardware
  • Flooring
  • Air Conditioning Units
  • Pool
  • Site Clean Up
  • PBG Coordination 
  • Planning, Design and Architecture
  • Permitting Documents
  • Construction Documents
  • Project Management
  • Survey for Soils, Border and Topography
  • PBG Permit Cost 
  • Community and Other Government imposed cost 
  • Utilities and Communications to the property 
  • Site Work for land “NOT FLAT” or NOT READY to receive foundation 
  • Customizations + Addons 
  • Modifications 
  • Perimeter and Retaining Walls 

While most often, all the items listed as ‘Exclusions” are required for a project, it would be impossible to know the property specific cost for each of these items.

We have found, the best way to keep the cost low is to first acquire the site and project specific information first.


We are able to provide these cost and include in a final contract, once specific property information is made known. 

We make it easy! You can fill out the Start A Project Form below, Call or Email use and we will set up a Free Consolation right away. There is no faster, easier or less risk method to realize your Villa . 

[ 07. villa on demand ]

Start Your Project

Begin Here To Get Started

 PT NSG is Created Villa On Demand for clients who want customization, cost savings and a quick process. We also offer land acquisition service should you need help locating the perfect land for your needs.

Ready to get started now? We make it easy with these 3 STEPS. 

1. Tell Us About Your Project

When would you like to start? Do you have land already? Is your land flat or on hillside? These are the basic questions we would need answered to get things moving.

2. We discuss your needs

We will review your Project Information then meet in our office or at your property and discuss questions and determine what other information is needed to proceed.

3. We start the project

After a eview of the property and your projects, we will finalize a documentation delivery dates and mutual expectations. We can then sign contracts and the process can start right away!

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