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PT NSG provides Real Estate Development in Bali, Indonesia 


01. Identify
02. Evaluate
03. Execute

  • Identify

  • Evaluate

  • Execute

[ Overview ]

Pre-Development Stages

PT NSG provides. a suite of comprehensive Real Estate Development services to launch your new project. PT NSG breaks down our Development service into three sections, IDENTIFY, EVALUATE, and EXECUTE.

The Identity Process is where we “Find it, Learn it, and Start it”. The Evaluate Process is where we learn “What has been done, What can be done, What should be done,”. The Execute Phase is when we compile all information acquired through the first two processes so we are able to “Outline the plan to, Deliver The Vision”. 

See the sections below to learn more about each Process. 




The first step in launching a Real Estate Development Project is to identify the general needs of the participants. Our Development team enters at the earliest stage of the process to provide key insights into the acquisition. 

Starting with the end in mind ensures all parties are engaged with all crucial events. In doing so, there is increased awareness, risk reduction, and enhanced buyer confidence.

See the information below to learn more about each section.

  • Define Financial Constraints for Project 
  • Define Participant  Obligations + Roles
  • Define Project Timelines (Capital Deployment) 
  • Define Sectors of Interest
  • Define Regions of Interest
  • Define Property types of Interest
  • Acquire property specific information for review 
  • Preliminary Analysis of location and potentials 
  • View Properties of interest 


What should you do based on the market options and market needs? What is financially viable? How to proceed, what is next, who is needed, and how long will it take? These are all extremely important questions that need clear and accurate analysis in order to craft a plan for success.

PT NSG first reviews the market and then complies with the relevant information to identify the ideal Target Market. With this information, a financial model can be created to prove the financial viability of the project, Once this analysis is complete the best use of space can be identified. 

Now, all that is left, is the development of  a clear execution strategy to bring the ideas to life. 


"You profit when you buy, not when you sell"

Once a property of interest have been identified, we can begin the Due Diligence and analysis process. We will undergo a careful review of all aspects of the selected property. Our aim is to reduce risk by making sound decisions based on data and evaluation. 

  • Acquire Surveys + Review 
  • Existing Conditions Analysis 
  • Optimum Views, Solar + Wind Locations Analysis 
  • Discovery for Utilities + Road Access
  • Existing Adjacent Property Conditions Review
  • Provide Locational Site Potential + Risk Analysis
  • Property Documentation Review

"Know your customer, know your road to success" 

The first activity in our Analysis service involves the development of a Market Analysis. This detailed report is complied from our established partner network  and propriety information,  Each report provides recent and hyper local and regional information relevant to the location being analyzed.   

  • Theoretical Basis
  • Location Analysis
  • Market Reach
  • Demographies 
  • Competitor Analysis 
  • Historical Data 
  • Best Use of Space

"It's all in the details"

If the numbers don't work, there is no viable project. A main component of a successful Real Estate Development is sound financial information. Drawing on the Marketing Analysis, we can begin to run Financial Models to identify the ideal Min-Max ratio (the least spend, to realize the greatest ROI, while hitting the ideal Target Market).

The modeling includes sales (or rental) revenue, cost to complete as well as total  capital invested and needed.

  • Capital Allocations 
  • Sales Revenue Projections
  • Proforma Projection
  • Cash on Cash
  • IRR


The last process in The Pre-Development stage is Execution. With all the information previously acquired, we can now take the working numbers, and ideas and develop a clearly defined project identity. 

With the project identity known, we can create a strategy and close the deal with confidence.. With a clearly defined project, we will be able to move to the second stage of Development, Vertical Construction. 

  • Terms and conditions
  • Corporate Documents
  • Global Budget
  • Global Schedule 
  • Project Team Selection Plan
  • Risk Management Plan
  • Contingencies Plan
  • Next Steps and Actions Plan
  • Negotiations
  • Signings 
  • Payments 
  • Receive Property 

Markets We Serve

01. Resort
02. Hotel
03. Store front
04. Office
05. Warehouse
06. Facilities
07. Restaurant
08. Mixed use


01. Villa
02. Home
03. Multi Unit Development
04. Low-Rise Apartment
05. Condo


The PT NSG Advantage

  • PT NSG is an Indonesian-owned and Western-managed company, which allows for the realization of Local Expertise with International Standards
  • Our Design + Build team applies Modern Technologies in all phases of the process to increase efficiency and effectiveness
  • PT NSG provides fully dedicated management and support staff for all projects we take on
  • PT NSG has established working relations with suppliers, consultants, and service providers for all needs related to our projects 
  • Our work is guaranteed with a warranty provided for all new buildings we construct



First and foremost we are committed to delivering the highest level of service, quality, and value. We look beyond the moment and see the bigger picture.
This means we know satisfied clients pave the way for our continued success.


We believe the clarity of mutual deliverables and expectations allow for a smooth process. We have no hidden fees as every cost is fully detailed line by line.
We take the time to explain contracts, plans, schedules, and strategies to ensure a complete understanding and agreement is realized by all parties.

Multi disciplined

We offer a full range of Design + Build services under one roof which allows us to connect critical information with the highest level of communication.
PT NSG provides a single point of entry for our clients, with our team internally coordinating important tasks from the beginning to the end of each project. This ensures all aspects of your project are delivered with excellence.


Start A Project

Start your Real Estate Development Journey now!


We aim for clear expectations and delivery. Let’s make it easy with these Three Steps!

1. Tell Us About Your Project

Provide us with any information you have for the needs of your project. Our Team will review and prepare for further discussion. As soon as you contact us, we can get started.

2. We discuss your needs

Lets Talk! We can meet at our office or come to your site to review the property and discuss the project's potential and limitations. We will also provide answers to your questions and determine what other information is needed to proceed.

3. We start the project

After a preliminary review of the project, we will provide a client onboarding to detail the full project scope. Once this is completed, will finalize the terms and the process can start right away!


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