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We Provide Finish Packages for Commercial + Residential Projects in Indonesia 


01. Luxury Inclusion Packages
02. Villa On Demand
03. The Benefits
04. Start A Project

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[ finishes ]


Finishes are the permanent elements developed to be attached to the PT NSG Forms. With the multitude of Designer Inclusion Packages  already developed by the PT NSG Design Team,  the selection process is greatly simplified. PT NSG Finishes provide users with the greatest value in efficiency and cost savings. 

[ 01. Finishes ]

Luxury Inclusion Packages

We present our Luxury Inclusion Packages. The NSG Styled Inclusion Packages are the distinct surface and finish material concept assembled for luxury living. These styles pair perfectly with the NSG FORMS and NSG Furnishings to provide Turnkey Villa Solutions. The Styled Inclusion Packages can also be used as stand alone design platforms for renovations and custom Design + Build projects.

Each style takes into consideration the uniqueness of Indonesia, cutting edge components available, modern technologies and the design features from PT NSG that bring life and warmth to the built environment.

[ 02. Villa Investment Solutions ]

Villa On Demand

For those looking to create a unique Villa Investment Solution of have Villa On Demand. The process is easy. We have Synchronized our entire Product Line to offer a Customized experience. If you are looking for a quick custom solution that saves time and money, Check out our Villa On Demand. 

[ 03. Finishes ]

The Benefits


Save Time

When you choose to use one of our Finish Inclusion Packages, you can bypass all the standard planning, architecture and design phases and go straight to the building process.

With all the selections already prepared by our Top Design Team you will save weeks or months by skipping this otherwise long process.

Save Money

By offering our Design Selections as a Build Ready Product, we can absorb the design cost and pass on the savings to the user. When utilizing one of our Designer Inclusion Packages, you are in essence getting design and architecture for free.

Reduce Risk

When you start with a PT NSG Designer Inclusion Package, you will have nearly all the project information from the beginning.. This will allow you to evaluate the project in detail, schedule needs and plan ROI and space uses in more detail from an early stage. This of course decreases risk and instills project confidence and success.

[ 04. Finishes ]

Start A Project


We aim for clear expectations and delivery. We offer a detailed Free Consultation process to ensure nothing is missed.

We make it easy with these THREE STEPS

1. Tell Us About Your Project

Provide us any information you have for the needs of your project. Our Team will review and prepare for further discussion. As soon as you contact us, we can get started

2. We discuss your needs

Lets Talk! We can meet at our office or come to your site to review the property and discuss the project potentials and limitations. We will also provide answers to your questions and determine what other information is needed to proceed.

3. We start the project

After a preliminary review of the project, we will provide a client onboarding to detail the full the project scope . Once this is completed, will finalize the pricing, delivery dates and mutual expectations. We can then sign contracts and the Architecture and Design process can start right away!

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