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How to Choose Ceramics for Your Home Renovation?

Ceramic is one of the favourite materials to coat the floor of the house. The selection of the right ceramics in the process of remodelling or building a new house, will be the difference between perfect results and those that are not.

Of the hundreds of ceramics with existing models, shapes, sizes, and motifs, of course, it is very difficult to make a choice. How to choose the right ceramic needs to be adjusted to several aspects, namely:

Ceramic Type

To Choose Ceramics for Your Home Renovation, the first aspect related to how to choose the right ceramics is to know the various types of ceramics on the market. In general, ceramics are made from a mixture of cement which is given a mixture of colours to produce certain colours and motifs. The types of ceramics themselves are called ordinary ceramics, granite ceramics, porcelain ceramics, glass ceramics, and also terracotta.

This type of ceramic is distinguished by the material of manufacture and the level of heating used in the manufacturing process. In Indonesia itself, ordinary ceramics are the most common types of ceramics and are available in various sizes, colours, and motifs.

Ceramic Placement

The next way to choose ceramics is to ensure the placement of ceramics. Ceramics that will be applied to the bedroom are certainly not the same as kitchen tiles because they both have different levels of traffic.

In general, the durability of ceramics can be assessed using the PEI (Porcelain Enamel Institute) rating standard, which divides the durability of ceramics based on the level of traffic or level of use:

  1. Zero traffic rate
  2. Light traffic rate
  3. Light to moderate traffic level
  4. Traffic level is moderate to heavy
  5. Super heavy traffic levels

The choice of house tiles with a rating of 1 can be used for areas with zero traffic levels such as ceramics for walls. Meanwhile, for super busy areas such as ceramics for the kitchen, you can use ceramics with a rating of 4 or 5.

Choose the type of ceramic that suits your needs. For example, glass ceramics do look beautiful, but they are not suitable for flooring because they are more prone to breakage.

If you are going to install ceramics outdoors, choose ceramics with a high level of resistance and also water resistance so that they last a long time.

Ceramic Texture

In general, ceramics that have a texture are not as smooth as ceramics with a smooth surface. This needs to be your concern when choosing ceramic tiles for areas that are prone to wetness such as the kitchen, bathroom, or entrance area of ​​the house. Use textured tiles in these areas to minimize accidents.

Ceramic Pattern and Colour Selection

Especially for the ceramic motifs and colours that you will choose, of course, will vary greatly with each taste. However, there are some basic rules about using colour that you should know:

  • Light colours will make the room appear more spacious;
  • Dark colours can give the impression of a narrower room. However, on the other hand, it can add a sense of warmth to the room;
  • Neutral colours will facilitate the decoration process;
  • Striking colours give a strong impression and can instantly brighten the mood.

In choosing colours, you can consider the final impression produced, suitability with existing home decor, and of course your individual tastes.



The final consideration in choosing ceramics is the budget you have. Some types of ceramics require a higher budget because they are made of different materials.

Find a variety of interesting ceramics for you to use when renovating your home here.

AUTHOR: Rahayu Lestariasih