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Interior Design

PT NSG Provides Interior Design for Commercial + Residential Projects In Indonesia 

Interior Design

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  • Interior Design Service

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[ 01. Interior Design ]

Our Interior Design Service Delivery

PT NSG is a multidisciplinary Design + Build Firm offering our services in full or part for all scopes of Design work.  We provide Interior Design for Renovation and New Construction for Commercial and Residential Projects in Indonesia. We offer a Fully Integrated Design Service providing everything needed to Plan, Produce, Prepare and Price your Project. 

The schematic design stage allows for the project program to take the form of physical drawings. The approximate detail of the interior and exterior finishes, and the room spaces are drawn into plan. Presentations of the schematic design are reviewed and revised until a final version is accepted.


  • Defined Project Parameters
  • Concept Development
  • Finish + Aesthetic Programming
  • Team Reviews + Revisions

Once the schematic design is accepted, the details for the Interior Design are prepared. We place all the design selections into a plan showing exact location and arrangement.  3D photo realistic renderings are produced to show full detail allowing full clarity of expectations and delivery.  The Interior Design is presented and refined until full client satisfaction.


  • Detailed Schematic Drawings
  • Selections + Designs
  • Interior Selections
  • 3D Modeling + Renders

The Documentation Phase allows for the completion of all design details. Profiles, Specifications and installation methods. All items are meticulously developed and overlaid page by page to ensure the highest level of delivery for the end product.  In finish, we produce the Bill or Quantities, detailed drawings for the furnishing and fitting production and the construction drawings needed for fit out.


  • Finalized Technical Designs
  • Construction Documents
  • Refined Budget + Timeline
  • Cover Sheet
  • Floor Plans
  • Reflected Ceiling Plans
  • Modeling
  • Detailed Kitchen and Bath Elevations
  • Door and Window Schedule
  • Hardware and Attachment Details
  • Trim, Ornate, Railing and Stair Details
  • Built in Fixture and Feature Details
  • Design Elements 
  • Hard and Soft Good
  • Lighting and Electrical Placement Plan
  • Fit-Out Procurement Management 
  • Selections
  • Specifications 
  • Schedules 
  • Construction Documents
[ 02. Interior Design ]

Our Interior Design Process

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  • 03
  • 04
  • 05
Let's learn about your vision for your project. We can discuss potentials and limitations of the project and get a full understanding of your needs. We will also collect the general project information needed to provide budgets, schedules and Design Delivery
We will review all the information from the initial consultation and develop the scope of work and a proposal for our services. We will present the detailed proposal for your consideration.
Once contracts are delivered and signed, we can move to the design phase. This will include the Schematic Design, Design Development and finally the Documentation phases.
With the design and documentation complete, we can move to the next stage of material preparations. PT NSG will schedule the orders for all Furnishing Fit-Out and other specialty materials that require lead time before the construction begins.

During this stage, we will also ready for the construction. With PT NSG as your contractor, we are able to roll right into the construction immediately. Should our clients already have a contractor to work with, PT NSG will assist in the RFP process and coordinate the Project Documentation submissions.
You are now ready to begin the installation and fit out for all your Interior Design. PT NSG will provide ongoing Construction Administration to ensure the Interior Design documentation correlates with the results on location.

PT NSG will sign off on progress and completion with a Final Hand Over once all work is completed to full satisfaction.
[ 03. Architecture ]

Markets We Serve

01. Resort
02. Hotel
03. Store front
04. Office
05. Warehouse
06. Facilities
07. Restaurant
08. Mixed use

Architecture & Design Services for Commercial

01. Villa
02. Home
03. Multi Unit Development
04. Low-Rise Apartment
05. Condo

Architecture & Design Services for Residential
[ 04. Interior Design ]

The PT NSG Advantage

  • PT NSG is an Indonesian-owned and Western managed company, which allows for the realization of Local Expertise with International Standards.
  • PT NSG does not outsource AEC (Architecture Engineering Construction), which allows for full control of process
  • Our design team applies Modern Technologies in all phases of the design process to increase efficiency and effectiveness.
  • PT NSG provides fully dedicated management and regularly scheduled meetings for all projects 
  • We have established working relations with suppliers, consultants and service providers for all things Project related
  • Our work is guaranteed with a warranty provided for all new buildings we construct



First and foremost we are committed to delivering the highest level of service, quality and value. We look beyond the moment and see the bigger picture.
This means we know satisfied clients pave the way for our ultimate successes realized.


We believe clarity of mutual deliverables and expectations allow for a smooth process. We have no hidden fees as every cost is fully detailed line by line.
We take the time to detail contracts, plans, schedules and strategies to ensure a complete understanding and agreement is realized by all parties.


We offer a full range of Design + Build services under one roof which allows us to connect critical information with the highest level of communication. PT NSG provides a single point of entry for our clients, with our team internally coordinating important task from the beginning to the end of each project. This ensures all aspects of your project are delivered with excellence.

[ 05. Interior Design ]

Four Essential Components for Interior Design

Lets Talk Now!

We utilize a clear, proven and refined system that allows attention to be placed on the process. When we focus on the process, the results take care of themselve


We pride our company on the ability to merge the best of East and West. With technical know how derived from the West the practice of ancient ways and traditions from the East, the results are a optimized.


We are well versed in all aspects of Real Estate Development. This exposure to the multiple facets of our industry allow a birds eye view like no other. With experience and ability in a myriad of professions, we are able to see the beginning middle and end. This allows for the ultimate in Solution Realization.


We take great pleasure in the challenge and growth opportunities which derive from solving problems. Adapting interesting and unique solutions to solve the problems we encounter large and small, sometimes make us forget we have problems at all. We generally perceive difficult situations as opportunities to apply solutions, not problems at all!

[ 06. Interior Design ]


[ 07. Interior Design ]

Start An Interior Design Project

Lets start Project!


Start your Interior Design now. We make it easy with these THREE STEPS

1. Tell Us About Your Project

Send us any information you have for your Bali Interior Design. Our Interior Architect will review and prepare for further discussion. As soon as you contact us, we can get started.

2. We discuss your needs

Lets Talk! We can meet at our office or come to your site to review the property and discuss the project potentials and limitations. We will also provide answers to your questions and determine what other information is needed to proceed.

3. We start the project

After a preliminary review of the project, we will provide a client onboarding to detail the full the project scope . Once this is completed, will finalize the pricing, delivery dates and mutual expectations. We can then sign contracts and the Interior Design process can start right away!

Interior Design

Please let us know how we can serve your needs


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