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5 Most Important Stage of Design and Build Project

There are basically five stages associated with the Design and Build delivery for a construction project. Whether it be a new Villa Development in Bali, a Boutique resort or Luxury home for a private residence, the concept and procedure remains the same.

Design and Build is a one stop shop for all the design, construction and management of project. This means of combining Architecture, Design and Building is in great contrast to alternative construction techniques which typically comprise of many more stages. These stages are most often implemented by different un-related parties.

Another primary difference with the Design and Build process, is in that every individual from the team cooperates during each phase of creation to assist with moving things along more rapidly. This allows for the Design + Build method to deliver a significantly smoother process.

Lets take a look at the five Phases of the Design Build Process for a typical construction project and what benefits you could expect for your next construction project.

Ideal Team Selection for Design and Build

The initial step of the Design and Build method is for the client to pick a full-service company with an in-house team. Clients will want to examine potential service providers and select the team with the most knowledge and capacity. The client would also be ensuring the Design and Build team fully comprehends their vision, needs, and budget.

While cost is a significant factor to consider, it should not be the only factor that impacts the ultimate decision. While it could be alluring to pick the lowest cost, a savvy client will grasp the benefit of working with a top Design + Build firm, and will frequently choose based on the experience and abilities offered.

Understating the full potential of the Design + Build technique should be avoided to fully realize maximum value. The architects and construction experts all combine their expertise and the clients can expect to receive a superior product, beginning to end. This added value is usually reason enough for most to select this type of delivery for their construction project.


  1. Planning (Pre-construction) on Design and Build Project

The Planning stage can be broken down further into three steps.

  1. Pre-Purchase
  2. Master Planning
  3. Permissions and Approvals

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The planning and pre-construction stage is a very significant aspect of the project. Think of this stage as where ideas are taken to a deeper level. Observing all aspects of this stage is essential, as this is the point at which the Design and Build team will learn about the clients’ project in entirety. This would include the objectives, difficulties, financial plan, and in general vision for the project.

During this stage the Design and Build team will collaborate to evaluate existing structures, (MEP) mechanical, electrical and plumping systems, the potential of concepts and limiting factors. This phase would also involve considerations for roads, infrastructure, plotting of locations for structures.

Rough order of Magnitude (ROM) estimations is created as the concept is refined. The final result of the planning stage is the delivery of a general overview of all aspects of the design to be implemented in the schematic designs.

Also, during the planning stage, permissions and approvals should be investigated to further asses project limitations and potential. This would include items such as regulatory issues for design, permitting timelines and community outreach.


Design Process on Design and Build Project

There are three parts to the Design phase

  1. Schematic Design
  2. Design Development
  3. Documentation

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After an assessment of the schedule, budget and site have been fully detailed, project potential and limitations can be realized. Some design work will likely have been done to this point for costing estimations. With the new information, the architecture and design stage will ensue.

The project team will continue to communicate the project concepts and ideas to refine the designs, schedules and budgets. The Design and Build team will use this information to examine the best means for cost reductions and streamlined efficiency, while additionally meeting practical necessities and design criteria.

The vison for the project is fully established during this stage, and detailed drawings are introduced to the client. More detailed cost estimations are provided during this stage and any further design adjustments to design are made in real time to realize the project budget and scope.

Also taking place, a more detailed project schedule is created in addition to building plans for the initial stages of construction. All requirements for the project are detailed and the project can start to take even more form.

As there are no in between parties needed for additional information, the delays are reduced and the project can start must faster than in a non-Design + Build delivery.

Construction NSG


The construction stage will also be broken into three steps.

  1. Horizontal
  2. Vertical
  3. Management

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Now, the previous efforts start to show in earnest. Construction will be in full swing! Typically, during a Design + Build delivery, the construction can start in the design stage, as the entire team is working together from beginning to end and overlap of phases is possible. In the event the construction has not started while in the previous architecture and design phase, you are now ready to break ground.

Discussions and communication are greatly simplified during the construction phases as there is only need for one contact between the Design and Build team and the client.  Responsibility and accountable actions are solid as the full scope of all work is done under the direction of one team leader, working for one entity.

There will be shared goals, visions, needs and solutions, all realized at in the most efficient and effective means possible. A result of the collective endeavor, is minimal to non-occurring variation orders.



Once the construction project has been completed, the Design and Build team will provide all the documentation. This could include O&M manuals, as-built drawings, warranties, documented processes for use of special items and more. The collection and delivery of all items is fast tracked as everything was started and delivered by one single team.

The Design and Build team is likely to assist in fit out for furnishings and soft goods as well as ongoing maintenance and upkeep.